Everyone is selling but are people buying it?

Everyone is selling something on the internet right from me trying to sell my idea to you now. The internet is filled with sales pitches everywhere. Even Google search console tries to sell someone else’s content to you with its Google search bar suggestions. Be it any field of business, selling is one sole thing … Read more

Twitter Super Follow

Have you ever thought of making money via Twitter? Yes, making money by just tweeting. Wow! How cool is that? If you were someone who was looking for something like this, roll up your sleeves to tweet and make money.In February 2021, Twitter started testing revenue capabilities with its new Super Follow feature. This feature … Read more

Digital Marketing Tools – Instapage

Digital Marketing Tools – Instapage Hello there! In this short blog, we are going to see about a very interesting digital marketing tool that could make wonders for your website. Instapage – https://instapage.com/ Instapage is a landing page builder but nothing like many other so-called “landing pages” that make no good for a landing page. … Read more

What is Zerodha

What is Zerodha? In simple terms, Zerodha is nothing but an online investment platform that allows you to invest in anything like stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, etc. It is one of the largest stockbrokers in India with 5+ million Zerodha clients. What is so unique about a startup company that allows you to invest online? … Read more

What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Why Do I Hear This Word Often Around Digital Marketing is a word that is spoken so often like never before. Digital Marketing is being considered to be an interesting and emerging topic in this generation but it always create a question in our head, “What is Digital Marketing? Why do … Read more

Leverage LinkedIn to Optimize Your Career in 2021

Leveraging LinkedIn to Optimize Your Career in 2021 LinkedIn has a professional network of 756 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Maybe it is not big compared to Facebook and Instagram but definitely it is a big platform to connect with Professional networks. Since when LinkedIn was launched it has never … Read more