Digital Marketing Tools – Instapage

Digital Marketing Tools - Instapage

Hello there! In this short blog, we are going to see about a very interesting digital marketing tool that could make wonders for your website.

Instapage –

Instapage is a landing page builder but nothing like many other so-called “landing pages” that make no good for a landing page. Instapage comes with such a lot of unique features that make it so outside of the other landing page tools.
Let’s see some of the unique features of Instapage here.
Instapage gives Instablocks and Globalblocks to create a unique Insta block for your landing page, with a wide range of predefined templates, and allows you to create custom Insta blocks too. Instapage is not only for a desktop version of landing pages but also for a wonderful experience on mobile devices as it uses google’s AMP framework.
They have a ton of conversion-tested templates with A/B testing that works at a powerful speed. Some of my picks of Instapage features that help you with better marketing are as follows.
  • Send your leads from the landing page directing to your CRM
  • Integrate with your email marketing tools directly.
  • Send your data to analytic tools like google analytics and measure your ROI.
  • Publish the landing pages on WordPress with a simple click.
  • If you still look for more, Instapage provides Zapier and Webhooks integration too.
  • A lot more third-party integration is all preinstalled.
  • When you are looking for customization, integrate Instapage using customer codes, HTML, or Javascript.
It is one of the best tools to pick for your landing page solution, not only because of the great features and integrations mentioned above but also it gives you the very needed collaboration options like
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time through comments.
  • Password-protected landing pages to share and collaborate with other teams or clients.
When you are all ready, publish it to your website or your custom domains with the ease of a few clicks.
If you find this article interesting or if you would like to more about Instapage, please feel free to comment here. We will get back to you swiftly with a solution.

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