Twitter Super Follow

Have you ever thought of making money via Twitter? Yes, making money by just tweeting. Wow! How cool is that? If you were someone who was looking for something like this, roll up your sleeves to tweet and make money.
In February 2021, Twitter started testing revenue capabilities with its new Super Follow feature. This feature could allow you to make some money with your tweets. But not everyone can make money when this feature goes live. Let’s look into the requirements now.

  • You must have at least 10K followers (10000 followers)
  • You must have posted at least 25 tweets in the past 30 days
  • You must be at least 18 years old too

If you think why didn’t Twitter try to add revenue capabilities to date, the answer is it did. Over the last few months, Twitter has been testing with a few different methods but this is the one that got more attention.

What is Super Follow?

A Twitter follower might pay a few dollars a month to gain access to a creator’s unique newsletter or to see unique tweets exclusively available to Super Followers. They may also be able to join a specific group or obtain a badge indicating their support for the author. Although it may seem far-fetched to pay someone for their tweets, according to a Twitter spokeswoman Recode, the objective is to “rethink the incentives of our service.” The basic concept appears to be that this pay-for-post function will aid in the development of more focused communities around certain issues.
Another expected update is communities. Communities are going to be like a group but we do not what we have in store for us in this place yet. All we know is this is going to be a more private and regulated method for groups to meet on Twitter away from the public eye.
Twitter’s introduction of Super Follows and Communities coincides with the company’s drive to emulate closed-off features found on other platforms. Twitter released “Fleets” towards the end of last year, which are Snapchat-style tales that expire after 24 hours and are only viewable to followers. The business is also extending its new Spaces tool, which are tiny audio-based rooms that work similarly to the new Clubhouse app.

What else to expect on Twitter?

Twitter is expected to launch another exciting feature called Revue. Revue will allow users to create paid or free newsletters for their target audiences. Twitter has also announced the launch of Spaces. Spaces will allow users to post snippets in tweets as well as send direct messages. Users will be able to not only build their rooms for others to join, but they will also be able to regulate who may speak in their own ‘Spaces.’ Twitter describes this function as a “small experiment focusing on the intimacy of the human voice“.

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