What is Zerodha

What is Zerodha?

In simple terms, Zerodha is nothing but an online investment platform that allows you to invest in anything like stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, etc. It is one of the largest stockbrokers in India with 5+ million Zerodha clients.
What is so unique about a startup company that allows you to invest online?
Let’s jump quickly to learn some key things about this online investment platform that skyrocketed from 0 to $1Bn in just a decade.
Zerodha was bootstrapped a decade ago and now it is valued as a billion-dollar company with no funding or marketing. Isn’t it incredible? Of course, it is. The major reason for such a growth of the company is that the company was about to show a path to the normal people to overcome their hurdles on investing.
The three major hurdles that Zerodha handled are:
1. Lack of knowledge/ awareness on investment/ trading.
2. Brokerage Fee for investments/ trading.
3. Investment/ trading Process.

Lack of knowledge/ awareness on investment/ trading:
Zerodha handled this so wisely by creating “Varsity”. Varsity is a unique platform where anyone can learn about the stock market and financial lessons from their extensive knowledge base.

Brokerage Fee for investments/ trading:
When every other firm was charging a commission percentage on all tradings/ investments, Zerodha went bold to announce Free Equity Delivery, Free Direct MF, and the lowest charges on Intraday and F&O trades.

Investment/ trading Process:
Zerodha created the most simple and attractive website and mobile application for anyone to begin at the comfort of their devices simply.
This helped them show the increase in users on their platform and increased a higher trading volume. It not only attracted more users but also made profits, which was Rs 442.4 Cr in the Financial Year 2020.
Zerodha also inherited some superpowers:
1. High Consumer Tolerance
2. Unique Brand Proposition
3. Irreversible Shift
As an entrepreneur, what did I learn from this?
Funding is not the only way.
Persistence is one of the biggest strengths of any entrepreneur.
Not all businesses take a century to reach high.
There is always an opportunity for you to start something that could turn big.
No one but you believe at the beginning, which later becomes a way for others.
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