What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?
Why Do I Hear This Word Often Around

Digital Marketing is a word that is spoken so often like never before. Digital Marketing is being considered to be an interesting and emerging topic in this generation but it always create a question in our head, “What is Digital Marketing? Why do you hear this word often around? “

Digital marketing on a simple term means marketing digitally through various digital platforms like Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Mobile apps, etc.,

Sounds so simple right?

Digital Marketing is the most easiest revolutionary way to interact with and understand your audience better and create trust in them for our brand. 

The key factor of Digital Marketing is digital advertisements based on customer’s actions and preferences on the internet and they are the most effective way compared with traditional marketing. 

Let’s quickly see a mind map to see what digital marketing revolves around. 

Did the mind map above light up anything?

Never mind! Digital Marketing is vast, it’s huge, it’s confusing but it is the need of hour, so there is no excuse from mastering it. 

It’s not just about running a Facebook ad for a week to boost your content or running a google ad to boost keywords that would represent your business or product but its a process, its nurturing, its conceiving and delivering your ideas, your efforts on the right platform, on the right time, with the right emotion to market it. 

Everything that succeeds has a strategy, so should your digital marketing. You need a strategy, you need a funnel. Create a funnel that would help you create a structure to strategic the digital marketing plan for your business/ product. It wasn’t easy for us to understand this and create the funnel on day 1, it took time, it took patience but it is worth the wait and investment. 

The most important thing of this whole funnel that you are working on is your content. It could be an image/ a video/ a blog/ an art/ a book or anything but you need a solid content that will explicitly talk about your product/ business. Because this content is going to be the ambassador for your business. 

Once you have to content you should really have a shift in your mind, not to just sell your product with this content but to build them to be customer base with your content. If you target to sell your product today with your content, you’ll be disappointed and you will shoot the wrong arrows but when you target to teach or add value to your customer about your product, you are eventually building your customers. You are educating them of your product and you are building a connection with them, that is going to eventually turn into TRUST. If you want your brand to sustain strong then you need trust. The trust that will build your customers to buy the product. This is how you build the customer base for your brand. 

If you think “How would I create and handle this customer base who might someday become my actual customer?” It’s simple. Keep educating them about your product/ brand, the benefits of it, the USP of it, and every simple and every complex component of your product. 

Don’t you think this is really a good point on how to boost your product?

It really is and this is what most top brands follow for their success. 

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As we always say, if you don’t have an online presence, you are probably hiding!

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